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Cardboard and Ice, Story 2

Just add ice.

The cardboard box and yellow tape project started off inside and had to be moved to the driveway with the addition of ice and water.
See Cardboard and Tape, Story 1.
We left you last with an idea to pretend the box is a bonnie horse that pulls heavy ice.

Hold your Horses Boys

J: “This is the freezer, keeps stuff cool.”

We get all the ice in the house.

containers and shovels

J: “This is our big oven, cookin’ melted cheese burgers.
This is the cooker oven, and these are the coolers.”

These are the coolers.

J and K push ice into the “oven.”
J: “Little K, I made a stream.”
(The ice is starting to melt from the heat of the sun that’s shining directly on the project.)
J: “Little K, you have to dump the water on the ice. It’s a table. It’s a hider-fort.”

J: “I have a good idea! My plan is to put (the cardboard) over the ice to keep it cool.
We hafta take a peek. Yup, it’s workin’.”

After this, the cardboard is all wet, and the boys take a greater interest in the kiddie pool. They like splashing water on the driveway to make marks, like the puddles forming from the melted ice cubes that they’ve run through with trucks.

Yup, it's workin'

I ask J what will happen to the cardboard now that it’s really wet. He said it will disappear.
Did it? We shall see. It’s what happens in this book that we’ve read a million times.
This project and working with large cardboard boxes in general reminds me of this book.
Christina Katerina and the Box by Patricia Lee Gauch.

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  1. Thanks for a great It’s Playtime post! I featured you!

  2. What imaginations they have. You are so good to let them just create and pretend and recreate and all that. What a wonderful activity. Thanks for sharing both of them at my art party last week.

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