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Cardboard and Tape, Story 1

J: “I need more tape.”
J and K are very busy with a project, using a cardboard box and some yellow masking tape.

This is very serious work.
J’s dialogue is constant and K tries SO hard to get a piece of tape from the dispenser and onto the cardboard. The box is an elevator, and airplane, a rocket, a pony, a car, etc.
The thing that the cardboard box has become keeps changing faster than I can keep track of with my paper and pencil.

The boys work together in such a focused and peaceful way,
even when they struggle with parts or with each other.
They take my help and answer any of my questions, but they pay no mind to me really.

They finally settle on pretending the box is a car.
They fold down 2 sides, tape down the edges and “drive.”

J draws buttons and a steering wheel, and K follows suit.


Before long, the box is something else. A “bonnie horse” that lifts up ice. “Ice is heavy. There’s a special machine on it. Into the icer, Poof. Need to fill the icer.
K, come on, let’s get some plastic containers full of ice. We need a lot of ice and a lot of water.”

We go outside with our idea…to be continued in Cardboard and Ice, Story 2

See more cardboard play ideas at the most Awesome blog, TinkerLab.
I’m a little late to the party, but in the beginning of May, TinkerLab had a Challenge/Link Up party where folks submitted their play ideas for cardboard. We love a good challenge.

Here also is a lovely little story I wanted to share, written by the father of a little boy. The story is a documentation about a plan to use Wood Tape.
a quote from the story…”I am so grateful that I let myself follow what I thought were his whims, and I dread how easily a ‘wood tape’ project might have been dismissed. I am proud of the way my wife and I have raised our sons, and so very proud of the boys.”

And I’m adding this one in just for fun!

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  1. Love those beautiful little heads working together!

  2. love that they are being so creative – how fun!

    Great imaginative play!

    Would ove for you to link up your idea on my weekly child centered linky party – The Sunday Showcase – http://momto2poshlildivas.blogspot.com/2011/07/sunday-showcase-kid-friendly-linky.html


  3. So fun! I bet they loved it. I have always wanted to do something similar with lots of different colors of tape, but I have never found colored tape at a good price. This is so kid friendly and fun! I think they must have had a ball doing this.

  4. Oh, and thanks for sharing this at my art party last week.

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