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Crayons in the Process Table

We would like to make heart shaped crayons to pass out as Valentines come the middle of February.
I was moved by a very popular pin, I showed the boys, and they thought it was a great idea.

boys at the process table

So we dump all of our broken and defunk crayons in our process table. (A friend donated some of her broken crayons to our melting crayon project fund last year, and we are rich in broken crayons.)

I add colored cups to the process table, suggesting to the boys that they are welcome to sort them as they choose…broken versus whole, paper versus no paper, by color, by thickness. Little J sorts some green crayons into a green cup, and I begin sorting paper crayons from no paper ones.

j shows a skin crayon

I hope to chop up naked crayons into little pieces and bake them in a silicon heart pan.

Little K's photo of crayons

The boys have a ball with the crayons in the process table. They ride toy vehicles through the piles of crayons. They load big heaps of crayons into a corner and say it’s a mountain. They call their hands loader diggers and run in the kitchen to snatch some large Tupperware for the job that the cups are deemed to small for.

I put a very big piece of butcher paper on the floor in front of the process table. The boys like to test out crayons on this paper. Little K practices a bit on the wall. I walk into the room, exclaiming, “What are you doing?!” He covers his art project with his little hands and says to me, “It’s beautiful and special to me.” Well, okay then. I point him in the direction of a sweet little pad of white paper that was stuffed in his stocking at Christmas. He and Little J get busy making “invitations and messages”, quick, fabulous scribbles on a sheet of paper, one after another.

DIY tip from the write start by jennifer hallissy,
Give Me A Break Crayons
“Scribbling, coloring, drawing or writing with crayons broken into little piecs encourages a three fingered grasp. Simply peel and break some crayons into pieces to give the little muscles involved in holding a pencil a fun workout. Crayons are an ideal medium for emerging writers because they provide valuable feedback to little hands leaning their craft. When children apply light pressure on a crayone they get a fine faint mark, firm pressure produces strong bold stokes.”

When they’re finished, I gather up the papers, put them in a pile with the blank side up. This usually works in faking them into thinking it’s more blank paper. We’ll use these to mount our Valentines crayons.

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  1. Wow what a lot of crayons – I was just imagining all the fun one could have with such a big pile of crayons – seems like your boys did!

  2. Great idea! We love to use homemade shaped crayons.

    • Jena

      January 7, 2012 at 7:11 pm

      I’ve never tried it before, except to make new crayons out of old ones with a little crayola crayon melting machine. I’m excited to try the silicon molds

  3. What fun!! And I love how you even thought to have them sort by thickness – so smart! You’ll have to get melting for some crayon art next =-) Thanks for linking up to TGIF! Have a GREAT weekend,
    Beth =-)

  4. I’m really into crayon activities and crafts right now :) I didn’t know there were so many cute things you can use with it!! Just wanted to invite you to link this post or any other kid-friendly post that you have to the Sharing Saturday Linky party :)


    • Jena

      January 7, 2012 at 7:04 pm

      We’ve done a little bit of crayon melting. Last Christmas we were gifted a little melting crayons machine. The kids have also tried drawing on paper that set on top of a warm cookie sheet, that’s really cool too.

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