The kids spent a couple of days observing fireflies. One way they observe is to draw pictures of the insects.

We scan the drawings of dragonflies and make copies of the originals.

These make perfect DIY coloring pages. Have you ever made copies of kids’ drawings for them to color?
Just my opinion, I don’t like coloring books that much. They take up a lot of space and aren’t attractive for that long. The pages that the kids aren’t interested in coloring get wasted. You have to rip pages off if you want to save a page and it’s difficult to find really well drawn coloring books that aren’t of commercial characters.

We use colored pencils, then slippery crayons, then markers and also some sharpies with out dragon fly drawings.

We cut out our dragonflies and attach to our clippy mobile.
And it’s good we find a replacement for our real fireflies because they are starting to decompose and smell really bad.