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Freezer Paper Tool T’s and Tie Dye

I made some freezer paper t-shirts for the boys for Christmas.
Little J’s has a hand saw and the words, “zee zaw,” because that’s what he calls a hand saw.
Little K’s has a hammer and the words, “knock, knock,” because that what he calls a hammer.
They found their tool T shirts on one of the shelves in their newly set up tool workshop on Christmas morning.

A friend had some leftover tie dye from a kit and thought of us…awww…thank Danielle.
So on a Sunday morning, the kids and I clean out the kitchen sink and use it to dye their tool T’s.
The boys choose the tie dye pattern they want and I wrap them in string and soak them in our homemade soda ash.
We bake 1 cup of baking soda at 400 for 1 hour, then seal in an airtight container until we were ready to use it, mixing it with 1 gallon of warm tap water.

The boys take turns with the primary colored squirt bottles of dye and go to town on their t shirts.

We unwrap the t’s the next day to expose the tie dye patters.
J: It’s all beautiful colors!

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  1. turned out great! fun that it was on the printed t-s!

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