Mad Hatter Tea

We go to Old Sturbridge Village playroom. In this space there are many period kitchen tools and a beautiful kitchen area with a fire place for cooking. Little J and his friends pretend to make tea for all the mamas. When we get home, I ask Little J if he would like to make some real tea, and he says yes. I set out tea bags, honey, a cutting board, small knife, and a slice of lime.

Little J does everything all by himself, short of taking the boiling water off the stove and pouring.

The temperature for tea is way too hot for the boys, so I’ve taught them to add some ice to help cool it down after it steeps. They love to add ice and watch it melt.

I bet a cup of tea has never tasted so good when mixed with independence and competence.

3 Comments on “Mad Hatter Tea”

  1. Nana Syl says:

    Love it!

  2. Ticia says:

    You know my kids haven’t tried adding lemon to their tea. I wonder how they’d take to that. They love to drink it with cream and sugar, and lots of ice if we let them.

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