My mission with this art group is to provide a mixture of classic and recycled art materials for exploration that can be applied to all age groups.

This month, I set up 3 tables. One with label stickers, circles and rectangles. The second table has mark making tools, Sharpies and oil pastels. The third table has tempera cakes, bowls of water and paint brushes. The idea is for the kids to cycle through the tables, creating a cool pattern or picture with the stickers, adding detail with the mark making tools and filling in the background with water color.

This little guy uses the big stickers. He matches the colors with some smaller round stickers and uses them as eyes. He scribbles over his little faces and them finishes it off with a wash of dark grey.

The MOMS Club in town is having a fundraiser through Original Works. We can put these images on almost anything; mugs, t-shirts, note cards, journals, etc, at a very reasonable price. 33% of the proceeds go to a charity of the MOMS Club’s choice. MOMS can give these trinkets as gifts for Mother’s Day.