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Paper Pulp, Story 3

We have ourselves a Paper Pulp Party for the Art Playgroup.

Snipping Station

The snipping station is popular with lots of colors of paper and scissors. Mamas and kids all practice their snipping and tearing skills. We fill lots of blender pitchers with paper at this table.

Putting the Snippies in the Blender

The boys and I spent a week previous prepping lots of paper to start. We’re able to sort our work into different colors. The children who want to start at the blender station are offered a choice of colors. In the beginning these colors stay pure and make it onto the screens without getting mixed.
Eventually, we blend lots of colored papers together and often achieve a greyish, bluish color pulp.

Pouring it on the Screen

The kids, varying in age from 1-6 years, all enjoy the process of pouring the pulp onto the screens. Some of the older boys, mine especially, spend a lot of time running around the yard and eating snacks. But, most of the kids are consistently focused and involved.

Sweet Little Hands

We dump whatever pulp the blender makes into tubs and bring it over to the process table, where the kids use old measuring cups to scoop and pour. No one can resist, pressing and pushing the pulp with their bare hands. Some kids think it is slimy and others can’t stop touching.

Close Up Detail

We run out of all the pre-prepped paper and start to use all the snips from the table. White paper, paper from scapbooking catalogues and scraps of construction paper. I find that the construction paper especially, stays chunky in the blender and makes this very interesting party blend of colors on the screen.

Screens, Full of Paper Pulp

The screens of paper pulp come out colorful, full of the life the kids use when snipping and blending and pouring and pressing.
The screens full of pulp sit in the sun to dry.
When all is said and done, the tables of food are cleared away, the chairs are put away, the tools all inside…the process table stays in the driveway, still full of water and some paper pulp with random scraps of paper thrown in for good measure. The boys and I will be trying a new way to paper pulp in the coming week.

Like Child Central Station, we will be using no blenders this time around. We’re letting the paper soak and we will be panning for pulp with sand sifters absconded from the sandbox. I’ll keep you updated on how this goes.



  1. I love it! I’ve been wanting to try this for a very long time. You’ve inspired me. 🙂 Thanks for linking on my “linky party”. 🙂

  2. That was so much fun! I can’t wait to see the end result and to see how the other process turns out! Thanks for a great morning!

  3. I love your series for the paper pulp! Can’t wait to see the blenderless version (we don’t have one). I featured this on It’s Playtime this week as one of the areas of play – Exploratory Play!

  4. This is Great! Love this! We’ve done it on a small scale! Love the huge screen. Thanks for the reminder to do this again!

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