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Ride on Toys and Rain

Puddle Play

The rain comes down, (Raise & lower arms while fluttering fingers)
And under my feet (point down)
Are trees and clouds
All over the street.
I splash through the clouds, (kick and splash)
And I climb through trees. (make climbing motions)
I feel like a giant (stretch tall)
With boots to my knees. (pull up boots)

As we are pulling into the driveway today, the sky opens up and pours buckets. There is some debate amongst the children in the backseat about whether we should wait out the storm or jump out and get wet. I suggest playing in the rain.
Eh. They aren’t so sure. We listen to the rain on the car roof for a little bit, and Cousin R says, “Let’s go play in the rain.” …and it’s decided.

J is the most hesitant, so I offer him his raincoat. He grabs the nearest ride on toy from the garage and rides through the puddles.
Cousin R and Little K follow suit. We spend enough time in the puddles, that we see the sun emerge again. Steam starts to rise from the pavement.
I point this out to the kids…”Doesn’t the steam look like it’s from a dinner that’s too hot to eat? Why do you think that’s happening?”

Sharing Theories

Here are their theories:

J: When pavement gets wet, it breaks up into lots of little pieces and lets out steam.
Cousin R: The rain falls, forms puddles and evaporates.
J: It’s just coming from a hole in the ground.

Little K listens carefully to all that’s said, and quickly finds a hole that can possibly be the culprit.

The Steam Hole

A great read for kids, Rain by Manya Stojic
The real reason: The pavement was so hot that the rain water was evaporating and condensing, so that we could see the steam.
I won’t tell the kids this straight out. I will get a library book and talk more about their theories. So fun.

I Like It When It’s Mizzly

I like it when it’s mizzly
and just a little drizzly
so everything looks far away
and make-believe and frizzly.

by Aileen Fisher
from A Pocket Full of Licorice, Poems to Share, Rigby Literacy 2000

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  1. I loved that you asked them why the steam was coming off the pavement and then let them discover to figure it out for a minute. Such fun and good parenting. Thanks for linking up to my art party. This was a great activity for teaching kids in a child centered way.

  2. A bike ride in the rain! I was looking for things to do in the rain and came across your site. We may try this today (it’s rainy here!) Thanks for the idea!

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