Little Hands for Auntie

Auntie K asked us to send her a pic of the kids hands. She’s a crafty lady and I trust she has something fabulous planned. So instead of tracing hands or taking a pic, I decide to bring out the scanner that we hardly ever use. My idea is inspired by Tinkerlab fun. We scan the kids hands.

This starts a whole game of find something to put in the scanner and let me see it!
My graphic design teacher asked us to do this for an assignment when I was an undergrad studying fine arts. I remember the students in the class having so much fun with this assignment! We all acted like 2 and 3 year olds, scanning our faces and anything else we could find.

The scans have a special quality, not unlike a filter you might find on Photoshop. I love them so much I print out a couple of Little J’s favorites and hang them in his room. I also scan Little K’s favorite snuggly and hang it in his room.


So the other day, Little J was having a sleep in, and I wanted to use the scanner for it’s intended use. I scanned a photo of Big K as a baby. Isn’t he so cute?

Big K as a baby

Little K was on my lap and remembered our scanning game. He asked to scan his hand over and over again. Beautiful.