Scribble City: Drawing on a Found Map

The boys and I are driving by an office and see they are throwing away giant, framed, foam maps of New York. The maps still have pins poked in important places. Awesome find. I wonder what the kids might think to do with this free and found provocation?
We lay the maps out on the driveway and remove all the pins…to be used later.

I try and think about what mark making tools might be fun to use initially while we’re exploring this new surface. Sharpies seem like as good choice as any. The kids divide up the map and start to work with big arm movements and markers… and make a scribble city.

Little K stands up, looking at the scribbles on the map from above and exclaims, “These are roads!” He runs inside the house and gets his little baskets of small cars.

Don’t know what we’ll do with these maps next. Anyone have any suggestions?

3 Comments on “Scribble City: Drawing on a Found Map”

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  2. Jen Fischer says:

    My toddler is really into maps, especially since we look at them and talk about where relatives live. If you have relatives that live in other places, maybe you could cut out pictures of them and paste them on the places that they live – I’ve been wanting to do that and post about it! I think we’ll be doing some coloring on an old Atlas that we have. It’s a great idea. We also use maps that we get at hotels to drive cars on – very useful when traveling or for keeping the toddler occupied when I’m making dinner.

    • Jena says:

      very good ideas Jen! I’m always looking for ways to keep the kids happy when traveling. Drawing in an atlas would be perfect, or even driving their little cars on it!. Thanks.

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