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Snow Muffins

Little J asks for snow muffins for breakfast and I amuse him by saying, “okay.”

We take out every interesting muffin pan we own and fill them with water outside on the snowy back porch which is like a blank canvas after a dusting of snow the night before. I stay inside, hang out next to the slider, so I can keep refilling and handing back the little water pitchers they use to fill the muffin pans.

When they are done filling the muffin pans with water, I hand them each a little bottle of food coloring to color the water.

Little J thinks it will take 22 minutes for the water to turn to ice.
Friend A thinks it will turn to ice right away because it’s so cold out. He also reminds us that rain turns to snow when it’s cold and that the water might turn to snow. While they’re rounding up the activity, we notice that the top of the water is already freezing. It took probably, almost exactly, 22 minutes to start turning to ice. My guess was that it would take a lot longer.


  1. Oh that’s something I haven’t thought of before. It’s also a great lesson to teach kids about the different ways water can be.

  2. Great ideas! So fun! Visiting from TGIF! Thanks for sharing!

    • Jena

      January 27, 2012 at 5:59 pm

      Thanks, I can’t take all the credit for these great ideas. I am totally inspired by the boys’ and by pinterest.

  3. Cute idea! Very creative.

  4. What a cute Science experiment! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Great idea! now all we have to do is wait for snow!

  6. What a fun idea – so creative! Thanks for linking up to TGIF! See you next week,
    Beth =-)

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