The kids have been having a tremendous amount of fun in the sandbox of late, hours of fun, hours.

Last week, there was a mix of melting snow and sand in there, making lots of watery sandy puddles to bury action figures and to dig through.
This week, it’s been 60-70 degrees, so the snow is completely gone and the puddles have evaporated.

To recreate the fun, I find the hose that’s been stored in the shed all winter and connected it to the spigot. The hose does not reach all the way down the hill in backyard to the sandbox so we also dig out the wheelbarrow and use these to fill with water and commute to the sandbox to dump the water. The boys are absorbed in the process of spraying the hose into the wheelbarrow. They take turns spraying and trying to balance the heavy water down the hill without spilling.

They also make a project out of trying to fill the wheelbarrow with shovelfuls and handfuls of sand, making themselves wheelbarrow sand pies.

When the sandbox has enough water and the kids have had enough turns with the hose, we play in the sandy puddles. After hours of this play, the kids have shed layers of soaked clothes and are covered from head to toe in wet sand. They all go in the tub for an early bath. We’ll be doing this again soon.